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Collect on Sound, Earn $STRM

Learn about Karma.wav's Streamz derivative that you can earn tokens for collecting.

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Did you know you can make money by sharing songs on Sound? Collectors are earning simply by posting their favorite songs on the feed! Try it out here.

How Karma.wav uses Sound to build out their presence onchain

Karma.wav is one of the most active music artists onchain today. He joined Sound in February 2022, and later that year started dropping music from KarmaVioletta - the traveling music duo couple he is a part of.

To date, he's dropped seven tracks and has appeared on three, including one from NOISE DAO and one from Campfire. From the start he's offered Web3 native perks to collectors - with genesis collectors getting access to his token gated Collectors WRLD website.

This latest release is unique in that it is one of the first Streamz derivatives, where collectors can earn $STRM tokens for interacting with the drop.

Being on Sound helped him build out his onchain presence. Here’s what he had to say about his experience on Sound:

"By sharing my music and KarmaVioletta's music on Sound, I've connected directly with my listeners, enabling me to express my story in a refreshing, new way.”

So far, Karma.wav has generated $ in volume through 163 collectors. You can mint a Limited Edition of "WAV" for .005 ETH, or you can collect a Free Edition.

We'd love for you to add Sound as a platform you consistently add to all of your release plans.

Don’t know where to start? DM us on Instagram for tips on how to get started with your next drop.

Who's New to Sound?

It's You



Cella dropped their first track, "It's You." Secure a Free Edition here.

Breaking Artist: Tia Tia

Summer 08

Tia Tia


Tia Tia is an LA based artist and 1/2 of Beachcrimes. She has almost 700k monthly listeners on Spotify and has worked with artists like Justin Bieber and Sabrina Carpenter. Her latest track serves as one of the first Streamz derivative tracks, meaning every collect can earn $STRM tokens. The song is minting for free until June 30th. Here's what she had to say about her experience on Sound so far:

"I have found such an amazing and supportive community through Sound that has really helped me grow so much as an independent artist. Ya’ll always show up when there’s a drop and are just as excited about it as I am, which makes it so much fun. The collectors on Sound are such loyal and positive people, who also get to be apart of the growth and the journey in real time. And we all get to experience the wins and highs together!"

Check out "Summer 08" here.

What We’re Listening To…

STREAMZ (Collect to Earn $STRM)

Reo Cragun


This week, we're listening to STREAMZ. The track currently sits at #1 on the Viral Chart with 4.9 ETH in volume. Every collect can earn you $STRM tokens and allows you to join the other ~2,000 fans who already have.

Did you know you can earn money by making your own playlist?

Curators on Sound have collectively earned over $30,000 in rewards so far. Make one yourself and start earning by clicking here.

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