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From dropping on Sound -> touring arenas

"releasing music on chain is one of the many ways in which an artist can show that they believe in themselves."

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How VALÉ uses Sound to reach more fans

Currently playing a string of arena dates across the US, VALÉ is an LA based artist who joined Sound in May of 2023. To date, she's released eight songs and has appeared on the Sound Viral Chart topping song "una noche" by Angelbaby.

She was born and raised in Colombia before moving to LA. At just 20 years old, she's already grown a fanbase of over 15.5K monthly listeners on Spotify and is currently on tour, supporting The Driver Era.

Her latest track "chill like that" is one of the songs off her debut EP, 'under the sun'. The song is available as a month long open edition, and also has Free Editions available.

Being on Sound gave her a new way to monetize her music and reach true fans. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“releasing on sound has honestly helped me and championed me in my journey as an independent artist. you have to be your biggest fan. releasing music on chain is one of the many ways in which an artist can show that they believe in themselves, they are willing to put their art out there for others to collect and invest in. this is how you create a true community based on trust and genuine love for art!”

So far, VALÉ has generated $4,822 in volume through 639 collectors. You can mint a Limited Edition of her latest track, "chill like that" until May 16th.

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Who's New to Sound?




Abhi//Dijon dropped their first track "Ignore," minting until all 25 editions are sold.

Breaking Artist: Million Records

Byram - Close To Me

Million Records


Million Records is a Indie EDM Record Label headed by A&R, Emrah Is. They dropped their genesis track in July of 2023, and have since released 37 more tracks, featuring a variety of artists. Their latest track, "Byram - Close To Me," is available until sellout. Here's what they had to say about their experience on Sound:

“We love using Sound to release tracks we’ve had in our catalog and bring them back to life onchain. Thanks to everyone who has collected so far!”

Check out all their drops here.

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This week we're listening to Ziggy Ziggy Dance / Electronic. This playlist features music from 33 Below, Kuren, Pack Records, and more. Ziggy Ziggy Music is one of the top curators on Sound today, sharing music across their channels and on Sound. Collect a song from the playlist to support the artists and Ziggy Ziggy.

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