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How this curator group used Sound as a launchpad

DANC3 uses Sound as one of their main platforms for releasing and monetizing creative experiments

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How DANC3 used Sound to become one of the top onchain curators

DANC3 is "a community of music lovers born through Sound." Sound dropped their first release about a year ago in May 2023. It all started with "DANC3 Mixtape (CRAZY)" - their genesis drop which was a mixtape that was produced by Serboy.

They recently released "DANC3 Mixtape I" - a drop that reached almost 500 mints. The mixtape includes nine artists and pays them all through onchain splits.

DANC3 has had a valuable impact on the Sound community - bringing new artists and collectors in, trying out new experiments, and rewarding artists for contributing. They even built their own community website at

Being on Sound helped them to build a brand around a music collecting community. Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

"The personal connections we formed through Sound have been life-changing. These relationships have helped us become better artists, curators, creators and human beings due to the supportive culture around music x technology (and our specific niche of onchain music)."

So far, DANC3 has generated $2,028 in volume through over 700 collectors. You can mint a Free Edition of their latest track "TINY TREE ($BONSAI)" today, or collect a Limited Edition for .0005 ETH before it sells out.

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Who's New to Sound?

Speed Demon



Plastician dropped their first track, "Speed Demon." Secure a Free Edition here.

Breaking Artist: YUNICE




YUNICE is an alt-pop artist and producer. She has nine drops on the platform so far, reaching over 300 unique collectors. Her Sound journey began in November 2022 when she dropped his genesis track "Private Room." Here's what she had to say about her experience on Sound:

"Sound is free for artists to use. That’s the mic drop. While other platforms take 5 to 50% commission, Sound attracts the most attention in music3, while reserving 100% of earnings to the artists."

Check out her latest release - "running" here.

What We’re Listening To…

This week, we're listening to "The Hazelist," the playlist created by Kamre Haze to play through all of the songs they've released on Sound. Haze is an active artist and collector who has released 19 tracks in total. Collect from the playlist to support.

Did you know you can earn money by making your own playlist?

Curators on Sound have collectively earned over $30,000 in rewards so far. Make one yourself and start earning by clicking here.

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