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How this duo used Sound to release 24 songs in 48 weeks

Learn how Beachcrimes built an onchain brand with their debut collection

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How Beachcrimes used Sound to release music they made around the world

Beachcrimes is an LA based duo who joined Sound in January of 2023 with their genesis drop "Let's Play House." To date, they've released 25 tracks and have appeared on the Own The Sound Mixtape, as well as their live set on the Ziggy Ziggy genesis collection.

Last year, they released two songs every month - releasing their finale on December 29, 2023. It was a part of their 24 songs in 48 weeks campaign - which saw many sold out mints that attracted thousands of collectors.

Their drop formats evolved over time - taking advantage of the latest features we had to offer and adapting to market conditions. The track "Lullabies" was one of the most successful after being featured in a Coinbase Quest. This track alone got over 20K mints.

Being on Sound gave them a new way to release songs they made in hotel rooms around the world. Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

"Sound has always been our happy place and last year we built such a positive community that has been so supportive in helping us grow on the creative side and on the business side. You guys are the dopest. We’re stoked to be back in the mix and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been cooking."

So far, Beachcrimes has generated $45,789 in volume through 21,000 collectors. You can mint a Free Edition of their latest track "Biblioteca" today, or collect a Limited Edition for .0005 ETH before it sells out.

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Who's New to Sound?




Meridian dropped their first track, "Unfold." Secure a Free Edition here.

Breaking Artist: RoCkY2GriMeY

Act How You Feel Ft. Lil Wayne



RoCkY2GriMeY is a rapper and songwriter from New York. He has four drops on the platform and has appeared on five others. His Sound journey began in October 2023 when he dropped his genesis track "Don't Talk To Me." Here's what he had to say about his experience on Sound:

"Being able to drop music on sound has given me the opportunity to really cement myself as a staple within web3 and create a real legacy on the blockchain. Connecting directly with my supporters is amazing and I can’t wait to see where else I can take this"

Check out his latest release - "Act How You Feel Ft. Lil Wayne" here.

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