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Indie artist uses Sound to level up her distribution

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How Sophia Alexa Uses Sound to Complement Her Traditional Release Schedule

Sophia Alexa is a London based singer-songwriter who joined Sound in February of 2022. To date, she's released eight songs - with every one selling out so far.

Each drop has it's own story, giving each collector a way to directly support her music and feel deeply connected to the track. Her journey shows us that when the music is good, collectors will find it, and connect with the stories behind the music.

"Stones" is the latest song she's dropped on Sound - and she teamed up with Ziggy Ziggy to sell out all 100 Limited Editions. The release marks her first of 2024 on the platform.

Being on Sound gave her a new way to monetize her music and reach true fans. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“I started my journey in web3 a few years ago and it’s been really exciting to see the community grow and change. I’ve loved being able to share my music in a place that really values the art you create and the work you put in, and also is such a strong community and support system.”

So far, Sophia has generated $80,360 in volume through 223 collectors. Mint her only track still available, "Hall Pass," on Sound Swap.

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Who's New to Sound?

happy / sad

little luna


little luna dropped her first track "happy / sad," minting until the end of April.

Breaking Artist: George Hooks

Love me

George Hooks


George Hooks is a bass house and future house producer who dropped his genesis track in June of 2023. To date, he's dropped six songs and appeared on tracks with heds, LNRZ, and DANC3. Hooks often goes deeper on the track in the description, giving collectors insight on the creative process. His latest track, "Love me" was released in collaboration with DANC3 as a curator. Here's what he had to say about his experience on Sound:

"The platform was one of the most interesting projects for me when I started learning web3 for musicians. I was attracted by the way musicians can find new audiences and stay in touch with them. This is more than just listening and subscribing. This is a new level of relationship between a musician and a listener. 

I like everything that is happening and I am a small artist at the moment, but I have not been able to get the kind of rewards on conservative music platforms that the platform gives me."

Mint his latest track, "Love me," here.

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