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Get rewarded for putting your music onchain.

Congrats to the 33 artists on Sound who won a combined $648K in Optimism's "We ❤️ The Art" competition!

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Quick Updates

Music is being discovered on Sound. Out of the 47 winners in the music category of the Optimism We the Art Competition - 33 used Sound to host their music. See the full list here.

Learn More About Aly - A Top Prize Winner

Aly is an LA based artist and producer. He was formerly known as Lackhoney, before rebranding to his real name, Aly. Throughout his time on Sound he's dropped multiple projects including Road to Sweets, Sweets 2, and with his We the Art submission, now the first "Goodie Bag." In total he has 25 releases on Sound.

For the contest submission, he teamed up with bloody white to release an album wrapped into one tight 4:23 song. The Goodie Bags project is in contrast to his Sweets 2 album last year where he released 12 songs that were strictly 30 seconds. That collection sold out despite it being a bear market for music NFTs.

He's connected with his community using a Telegram chat, where he connects with his fans and talks about music and more. He also ran "the producer game," as a reward for top collectors on his Sweet 2 project. More details are still to come on this emerging opportunity for these collectors to have a say in the projection of Goodie Bags.

Being on Sound afforded him the creative freedom to try new things onchain and collect to fans in a whole new way. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“It’s incredible to see that as the on-chain music space has expanded, these little moments of magic still exist. You never know what’ll happen if you stick around and keep sharing. Sounds been a center of my web3 journey, and growing alongside the platform has kept it feeling fresh throughout.”

Across all of his drops on Sound, he’s generated over $34K in sales volume, while collaborating with many artists from the Sound community. Check out “BLOODY BAG [GOODIE BAG VOL. 1],” minting now.

If you’re a producer, you can copy his strategy by reaching out to other artists in the community and putting out music that people want to collect.

Don’t know where to start? DM us on Instagram for tips on how to get started with your next drop.

5 More Winners Who Used Sound for Their Submission

Sadye - She started dropping on Sound in May of 2023. All of her drops so far have been in partnership with unsh◬pe, a top curator. Her submission "Pretty Traumatized" recaps her medical struggles. The song got 132 mints before selling out. Collect from secondary here.

Vaarwell - The duo first started dropping their music on Sound in November 2022 with their genesis drop "the balance i crave." They've since been active onchain, releasing more drops as well as participating in LNRZ as a part of the freshman class. Their winning song, "real," has 42 mints so far. Collect a Free Edition here.

Covex - Covex is an LA based electronic artist who joined Sound in April of 2023. His drop, "Believe It," marked his 8th release and his submission for the competition. The song is a part of his Solis EP which he released on Sound. Mint your edition of "Believe It" here.

Mia Lailani - Mia Lailani is one of the youngest artists on Sound. "Do It For You" is one of her most minted tracks, with 331 mints. After submitting the song for the contest, she minted the sped up version, which got an additional 29 mints. You can still collect a Free Edition of "Do It For You" here.

33 Below - 33 Below has been a top artist from Coop Records Music, releasing 9 tracks with them. At the time, "LOYAL" was one of the first tracks to offer a 1 OP reward to every collector. It is the last single off his PUSHER EP, which he released on Sound. Collect an edition of the sold out drop on secondary here.

What we’re listening to…

This week, we’re listening to “We the Art Winners,” the playlist created by Invest in Music which includes every artist who used Sound and won the competition. Collect a track to support the winners and Invest in Music.

Did you know you can earn money by making your own playlist?

Curators on Sound have collectively earned over $29,500 in rewards so far. Make one yourself and start earning by clicking here.

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