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How BUZZ generated 500K worth of streams in just one month on Sound

BUZZ is an artist and songwriter who joined Sound last month with her song "Liberation." The song is a beautiful ballad that officially released on DSPs in 2022. She's performed it live at places like The Troubadour and Bar Lubitsch, and it was recorded for the 2024 NPR Tiny Desk Contest. With just this one song - she's already made her mark on the platform.

Not only did she make a splash bringing a song with over 1.7M streams onchain, but she also gave Sound artists the opportunity to remix the track and keep 50% of the revenue generated. This is the largest scale example of we've seen so far of permissionless remixes on the platform.

She worked with Ziggy Ziggy Music to bring the project to life, creating a playlist to track all of the songs uploaded. So far there have been 12 remixes from Sound artists - bringing their own visual and audio take on the track.

Being on Sound gave her a new way to monetize her music and fuel creativity for artists on the platform. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“Liberation is a very special song to me and my fans so it felt like the right way to introduce myself on Sound… and now it’s having this second life with all the love from the Sound community. It’s really cool to see. I’m used to uploading being a whole todo with traditional DSPs, but uploading to Sound was shockingly easy.”

So far, BUZZ has generated $1,977 in volume through 493 mints. Mint a Free Edition of "Liberation" here.

If your an artist with a song you'd like to see remixed, consider allowing other artists to drop songs with you using our automatic splits integration.

Don’t know where to start? DM us on Instagram for tips on how to get started with your next drop.

Three Artists Who Participated So Far

Tesh x Elday Zey - The two teamed up with Coop Records Music to drop their remix which has gotten the most mints so far. Check it out here.

Serboy - Serboy is an artist we've covered before on Sounds Rare. He's a popular producer on the platform and minted his take on the song here.

dav - dav took onchain remixing to the next level, uploading the stems to Arweave and making them accessible to anyone. Download the stems here. Listen here.

See all the remixes on Ziggy Ziggy's playlist.

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Did you know you can earn money by making your own playlist?

Curators on Sound have collectively earned over $29,500 in rewards so far. Make one yourself and start earning by clicking here.

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