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This artist built a community of artists and producers using Sound

Reo Cragun's LNRZ project is a lesson on community building.

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How Reo Cragun used Sound to build a community of artists and producers

Reo Cragun was one of the first artists to trust Sound with their music. He's been with us through it all, and has been on tracks using every format we've built. Most recently, he's appeared on tracks with demotapes and Clear Eyes.

His first drop was "LNRZ - Prologue" was a step towards building LNRZ, one of the most innovative Web3 music project in the space today. This drop served as the official start of the LNRZ DAO.

Later on, he experimented with "Frameworks," a five song project that was one of the first Sound drops of such a large size. Each song has it's own rarity, with "Zoom" having just 5 editions. Songs off the project have sold for up to $18K on secondary.

Among his many other large scale experiments, one of his biggest impacts has been through the LNRZ community. The group has worked on artist spotlights, remix competitions, writing camps, and even generative AI.

Being on Sound gave him a whole new view of the music business. Here’s what he had to say about his experience on Sound:

"Sound reshaped the way that I think about the music business. It opened up new avenues of monetization for not only artists, but also listeners.

After collecting 1000’s of pieces myself and dropping consistently I was inspired to create LNRZ. The community we’ve built wouldn’t have existed without Sound."

So far, Reo Cragun has generated $323,238 in volume through 652 collectors. You can mint a Limited Edition of his latest track, "Opening Week" on Sound Swap.

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Breaking Artist: Syd B

Are You Feeling It Too?

syd B


Syd B is an LA based artist & songwriter with over 100K Monthly Listeners on Spotify. She recently dropped her genesis track "Are You Feeling It Too," a song with almost 2M streams. The Limited Editions are all sold out, but it's not too late to get your Free Edition. Here's what they had to say about their experience on Sound so far:

"As an indie artist I’m always searching for ways to make streaming feel more personal. I was introduced to the world of web3 and dropping music there has been so refreshing. Watching people share my song in real time and have a piece of it really feels like we’re intertwined in the same world. There’s so much organic trust because it’s in the artist’s control & it feels like such a supportive community I’m lovin it!!!"

Check out "Are You Feeling It Too" here.

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