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This artist is making a living by selling his music on Sound

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How Rapper Abunai is making a living on Sound

Rapper Abunai is a rapper singer, producer and composer who joined Sound in January 2024. It all started with his first track, "Rompiendo," a 1/1 that is still available for just .005 ETH.

Since then, he's released 25 other songs. Recently, he's broken out to reach over 1K new collectors. As a result, he's been consistently placing on the Viral Chart, and today, he holds 6 positions out of the top 100 tracks on Sound.

One of Rapper Abunai's strengths is his dedication to consistent output. Just in this year he's already released a ton of new music and he's been an active participant in the social feed, sharing all of them with our community.

Sound has changed the way he releases all of his music. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“Firstly, I want to say that I am extremely grateful to sound for everything, for helping financially, for supporting the artists, for helping even non-artists with their curation program. I'm really in love with sound!! David's idea is incredible! Sound is different from traditional music platforms in every way (it really helps artists), unlike other traditional platforms that pay absolutely nothing for artists' work (they earn off the artists). I wear the sound shirt and I will be forever grateful for it. Thank God I met sound at the right time; because I live outside my country and living far from family, friends and culture is a big challenge: (Things don't always go well and hardly anyone helps when we need it). Anyone who lives outside the country knows what I'm talking about. But, thanks to Sound existing, I'm able to survive and pay my bills. Because making a living from our art is very difficult, even more so when you live in another country. sound has helped thousands of artists. I love sound's work and I'll do what I can for her too! I would like to thank each and every one of the sound team for their excellent work, and I am very grateful to those who support me on the platform and who collect my music (they are all very important)”

So far, Rapper Abunai has generated $4,565 in volume through 1.3K collectors. You can mint an edition of his charting track "XYZ KINGS” today for free - or collect a Limited Edition for .005 ETH.

We'd love for you to add Sound as a platform you consistently add to all of your release plans.

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Who's New to Sound?

All Night



Vincent dropped "All Night." Secure a Free Edition here.

Breaking Artist: Cristina Spinei


Cristina Spinei


Cristina Spinei is a Nashville based composer and performer who first joined Sound in January 2023. Her genesis drop - Drift was an instant success - selling out and generating 1.25 ETH in primary sales. Since then Spinei has uploaded two more tracks and has been an active participant in the onchain music community as a whole - staying active on Lens and Twitter. Here's what she told us about her experience on Sound:

"From listening parties to listener comments, releasing my music on Sound has allowed me to connect with my audience in a new and exciting way."

Check out her latest release, "Nostalgia," which is available to collect now until all 50 Limited Editions sell out. Collect an edition here.

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This week, we're listening to ALPHA - a playlist by XYZMUSIC. It includes some of the top artists using Sound today and has driven 200 mints so far. Collect from the playlist to support XYZMUSIC and the artists included.

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Curators on Sound have collectively earned nearly $200k in rewards so far. Make one yourself and start earning by clicking here.

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