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This artist redefined her artist-fan relationship on Sound

Learn how she built her "Soul Tribe" onchain

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How Tarot Used Sound to Build A Community Around Her Music

Tarot is an LA based artist who joined Sound in July of 2022 with her genesis drop "Poolside." To date she's released seven songs and has appeared on nine, including collaborations with LNRZ, Campfire, and The Culture Tape.

She started growing her community from day one, giving all collectors a seat in the "Soul Tribe," a place where they can access BTS content and communication through the Tarotsings Discord channel.

Her latest track - "Only One" is a release in collaboration with The Culture Tape. Collecting gives you access to special rewards based on the amount you mint. Collectors who purchase between 2 and 4 editions will win a free tarot card reading over Zoom with Tarot herself.

Being on Sound gave her a new way to monetize her music and reach true fans. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“Releasing music on the blockchain has allowed me to expand my creativity as an artist and connect with true fans/supporters of music. By experimenting with new ways of distribution, I have been blessed to connect with my Soul Tribe & redefine that artist-fan relationship. Web3 is like an invisible string and has opened up opportunities and blessings such as my most recent collaboration with Rodney DARKCHILD Jerkins”

So far, Tarot has generated $11,355 in volume through 151 collectors. Mint her latest song, "Only One," for ~$25 until May 4th.

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Who's New to Sound?

Are You Feeling It Too?

syd B


syd B dropped her first track "Are You Feeling It Too," minting until April 18th.

Breaking Artist: The Culture Tape

Unlimited Dreams Feat. Caly Bevier

The Culture Tape


The Culture Tape is a collective that just dropped 16 songs on Sound featuring a mix of artists already on the platform as well as some who are new. Each song will have Limited Editions available until May 4. You can mint the first track they uploaded, "Unlimited Dreams Feat. Caly Bevier," through the link above. Here's what they said about the project:

"From the visionary mind of Fred Frenchy, CEO and founder of The Culture Cards, comes 'The Culture Tape Vol 1'. produced by multi-Grammy winner Rodney Jerkins, this compilation features 16 masterfully crafted tracks from winners of a Web 3 song competition. Spanning genres such as pop-rock, pop, soul, and afrobeat, it consistently receives rave reviews, with listeners declaring, 'There are no skips!'"

Listen and mint all the tracks here.

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This week we're listening to "Shazam may not work ヽ(ヅ)ノ" a playlist highlighting music you can't find on traditional DSPs. Sound is home to tons of tracks that are only available onchain, and this playlist highlights just some of these songs. Collect from the playlist to support the artists and the curator, Mad Global Sound.

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Curators on Sound have collectively earned over $29,500 in rewards so far. Make one yourself and start earning by clicking here.

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