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This artist rewarded fans on Sound in a way he couldn't anywhere else

Find our how Fifth Lucky Dragon used Sound to support his artist career

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How Fifth Lucky Dragon engaged his fans in a way he couldn't on any other platform

Fifth Lucky Dragon is an indie/alternative pop artist who joined Sound in July of 2023. Since then he’s grown his fanbase to nearly 200 collectors across 8 releases.

He saw his first Viral Chart placement with “I Killed My Friend?” - a song that received 206 mints and generated .21 ETH. He later followed it up with a release of the acoustic version, which is still available to mint for free.

His latest track, “Waste Your Time” is the latest in his new strategy to drop on Sound alongside every DSP release.

Being on Sound helped him to connect with fans in a unique way. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

"Dropping my music on Sound has allowed me to connect more personally with listeners; sharing demos, dropping official releases early, engaging in discussions about my music in ways that aren’t possible anywhere else."

So far, Fifth Lucky Dragon has generated $2,375 in volume through nearly 200 collectors. You can mint an edition of his latest track "Waste Your Time” today for free - or collect a Limited Edition for .005 ETH before it sells out.

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Who's New to Sound?

Suda Ancora



highsnob dropped "Suda Ancora." Secure a Free Edition here.

Breaking Artist: krp

Rough Ryder (Based)



krp is an India based artist who found Sound as a way to streamline his distribution and earn onchain. He was one of the first to use some of our most popular features - one of them being the "free mint." His track "Memories x Daisies Mashup" received widespread support with over 10K mints on Optimism. According to krp - Sound's integration of L2s for music drew him in. Here's what he told us:

"Sound has been most helpful in terms of me minting a song at no cost to me during a time when l2 chains were not mainstream."

Check out his latest release - "Rough Ryder (Based)," and collect for free here before it closes next month.

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