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This artist was able to connect and collaborate with others in the Sound community

Learn more about DEEGAN - an artist who's been dropping on Sound since 2022.

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How Deegan met other talented artists through the Sound community

DEEGAN is an LA based artist who uses Sound as a space to share his music and be a part of a greater music community. He joined the platform back in 2022 with his genesis drop "JOKE" - which swiftly sold out generating over 2 ETH.

His first drop set the stage for future releases and appearances on songs across Sound. To date he has released 9 tracks and has appeared on 22 others. This includes collaborations with Daniel Allan, Reo Cragun, bloody white, and Mija.

Recently, he's been active on Sound through poam - a group of five who have debuted on Sound through LNRZ's song "ROBBERY." The song was minted as a part of a collect to earn $STRM campaign.

Being on Sound helped him to meet new people and monetize his work in a new way. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

"The Sound community helped me connect and collaborate with some of the most talented people in the music industry. It feels like big family of creatives coming together for a greater purpose."

So far, DEEGAN has generated $22,738 in volume through nearly 100 collectors. You can mint an edition of his latest track "Somewhere Special" today for .002 ETH before it sells out.

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Breaking Artist: Paul Point

Paul Point is a musician, collector, and music curator on Sound. To date - he's dropped two tracks and has connected with 41 collectors. Since joining at the end of 2023 - he's been an active participant in our community - joining Spaces and sharing his music on our social feed. Here's what he had to say about his experience on Sound:

"Sound has helped me in three definite ways. First as a musician, sharing my music with new audiences; second as a collector, finding new musicians to listen to / work with; and third as a music curator, showcasing the best new music on our popular weekly music show: The CloudPoint Experience.

Recently, myself and GodCloud chose Sound as the mechanism to deploy an innovative new drop creating the theme song of our show (CloudPoint) as an music NFT. Have you ever imagined owning the theme song of your favourite show? With Sound we realised that idea."

Check out his latest release - "Middle of the Night (Late Mix) Ft. GodCloud" and collect for .005 here before it closes next month.

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This week, we're listening to Paul Point's "Liked Sounds." This is a playlist of music he's discovered on the platform. Collect from the playlist to support Paul Point and the artists.

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