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This artist was able to fund their creative ventures using Sound

Learn how Vivid Fever Dreams tapped into the Sound community to build their brand

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How Vivid Fever Dreams uses Sound to fuel their creative experiments

Vivid Fever Dreams is an alternative electronic producer based in Austin. He is highly active onchain - making the most of this emerging space and pushing his creativity by leaning into crypto native experiences and collaborations.

His genesis drop was "Gone Away," which released on Sound Swap and currently sits at a .0061 ETH price. Since that drop in May 2023, he's released eight other tracks, as well as appearing on eight more songs.

Beyond the music, he is also a valuable member of the Sound community. He has worked with curators and artists across our ecosystem and has also amassed a collection of nearly 1,000 pieces.

His latest track, "Streamz - Reo Cragun (Vivid Fever Dreams FLIP)," was dropped in collaboration with Streamz. As a derivative project, you can earn STRM tokens for collecting the track.

Being on Sound helped him to expand his creativity and run more creative experiments. Here’s what he had to say about his experience on Sound:

"Putting my music onchain has allowed me to network with new fans and other artists who share similar beliefs to finding new pathways to build  sustainable careers."

So far, Vivid Fever Dreams has generated $2,300 in volume through 331 collectors. You can mint a Free Edition of "Streamz - Reo Cragun (Vivid Fever Dreams FLIP)" today, or collect a Limited Edition for .0002 ETH before it sells out.

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Noise Control dropped their first track, "RAGGAMUFFIN." Secure a Free Edition here.

Breaking Artist: Davyd

Invictus ft. Yoshiro Mare (Melodic Mix)



Davyd is a music producer and sound designer from Argentina. He has four drops on the platform and has appeared on six others. His Sound journey began in December 2022 when he appeared on X&ND's track "Somebody To Love (ft. Jadyn Violet)." Here's what he had to say about his experience on Sound:

"Thanks to music and web3, I can connect with amazing artists and fans in a special way, opening doors and adding value to music. Sound is a powerful tool for achieving this."

Check out his latest release - "Invictus ft. Yoshiro Mare (Melodic Mix)" here.

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This week, we're listening to bars, the playlist by AL3C. AL3C has been a top collector as well as an artist on Sound. This is one of 17 playlists they've put together on the platform. Collect a song from the playlist to support AL3C and the included artists.

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