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Learn all the ways Borja Moskv uses Sound

Borja Moskv is a DJ and producer who joined Sound in July of 2023 with his genesis track New Pigs On The Block - which debuted on Sound Swap. Since joining he has released over 95 tracks and has appeared on four. He has been a consistently active member of the community - taking advantage of many features we have to offer. We spoke to him about all the way's he's used Sound. Check it out:

"Hello, I'm Borja Moskv, a digital artist, DJ, and producer from the Basque Country. I want to share my experience on how Sound has revolutionized how independent musicians can connect with their audience and monetize their art.

Since I started using Sound, I've noticed several advantages that have made my journey as an artist more exciting and rewarding. Here are some highlights of my experience:

User-Friendly Interface and Community: The interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. This allowed me to upload and manage my songs without hassle, leaving more time to focus on my creativity. The community on the platform is very active and supportive, which has been crucial for receiving valuable feedback and connecting with other artists and fans.

Innovative Features: Sound offers unique features that have truly enhanced how I interact with my followers. Each release comes with limited editions that include special artwork and the possibility of obtaining additional NFTs. This not only adds value to my music but also creates a sense of exclusivity and collectibility.

Direct Connection with Fans: One of the things I appreciate most is the ability to interact directly with my fans through the platform. They can leave comments on my releases, and each of those comments becomes part of the song's history. This direct interaction creates a deeper and more meaningful connection with my audience.

Incentives for Collectors: Sound has a very attractive reward system for collectors. In some of my songs like "Limerence" and "Follow Your Nightmares," collectors can obtain additional NFTs from my previous releases or even unique artworks. Additionally, there is a "Golden Egg" randomly awarded to a lucky holder of a limited edition, adding an element of surprise and excitement.

Transparent Monetization: Transparency in monetization is another great advantage. Artists can clearly see their earnings and how the revenue is distributed, which is crucial for effectively managing my career. Moreover, the option for collectors to download lossless audio files ensures that my music is experienced in the highest possible quality.

In summary, my experience on Sound has been extremely positive. The platform has not only allowed me to share my music in an innovative and engaging way but has also created new opportunities to connect and monetize my art in a way that was not possible before. If you're an artist looking to stand out and connect with your audience, I definitely recommend giving Sound a try."

So far, Borja Moskv has generated $16,763 in volume through nearly 2.5K collectors. Check out his latest release - "Superstars," and collect for free here.

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