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This collective uses Sound to help their artists find new fans

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How CASS3TTE uses Sound to help their artists reach new fans

CASS3TTE is an onchain collective and video production company based in Brooklyn, NY. They dropped their first track in January of this year, featuring Flywlkr. Since then, they've released four more tracks with all but one selling out.

Their recent drop is a song from Obi the Voicegod. "Jiggy Jah" is this artist's first onchain release. They are offering a token gated music video experience for collectors. Supporters can verify ownership through Guild to view.

CASS3TE has been one of the earliest to experiment as an onchain label, bringing artists in and doing curated drops directly on their feed. And thanks to onchain splits - every artist gets paid instantly after every transaction.

Being on Sound helped them to connect their artists with new fan who are excited to support Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

"Sound has helped the artists within our collective to find a new audience and source of revenue for their art, and has been a new and exciting way for us to distribute our music and garner attention for our video content."

So far, CASS3TTE has found 35 dedicated fans who support their drops. You can mint a Free Edition of their latest track "Jiggy Jah - Obi the Voicegod" today, or collect a Limited Edition for .0005 ETH before it sells out.

We'd love for you to add Sound as a platform you consistently add to all of your release plans.

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Who's New to Sound?

Opening Credits



nimino dropped "Opening Credits." Secure a Free Edition here.

Breaking Artist: Memloop




Memloop is a Sound power user. Their journey began in August of 2023 when they dropped "Village" on Sound Swap. Since then, they've released 22 more tracks, and have reached over 600 unique collectors. Here's what they had to say about her experience on Sound:

"I've been composing music for quite some time, but for my own enjoyment. I never quite saw how an unknown artist, without a label's support, could gain traction. This was especially true since my music doesn't cater to mainstream tastes. But, everything changed with Web3. I tried many platforms. Most of them, none offered a real chance for unknown artists to thrive. That is until I discovered The platform has boosted my creative work, taking it out of obscurity. I'm grateful for that and for what they do for the development of onchain music."

Check out their latest release - "Data" here.

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This week, we're listening to "Invest in Music," the historical playlist created by Invest in Music. The company recently shut down, but the playlist stands as a marker in time - and a driver of nearly 400 mints. Collect from the playlist to support the artists and Invest in Music.

Did you know you can earn money by making your own playlist?

Curators on Sound have collectively earned nearly $200k in rewards so far. Make one yourself and start earning by clicking here.

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